Product Design Jam - part 2

Continuing the discussion from Product Design Jam:

Step 2 - Connect the dots into 1 coherent idea (Do not need to worry about the product design yet)


Above stated all the interesting ideas that can be taken forward. We will start a new thread in a linked topic.

(Please notify as ‘something else’ flag if you have any idea you wish to add here).


This part of the jam requires everyone to work together and connect each others idea into one.

This the product of this jam will be 1 paragraph of coherent ideas that incorporated as many existing ideas as possible that can be taken forward into the production stage.

We can start by :

  1. Listing down the possible connection between ideas
  2. Make a paragraph of “statement” of a combined ideas
  3. Give feedback and make an edited version of existing combined ideas

Try your best to connect the idea instead of generating a new one. You can still write them down but try to focus on carrying current ideas forward.

Each person can only have 1 paragraph and make edits to it, an extra reply is only allowed for Q&A and suggestion. We will try to merge everyone’s idea at the end of the session.

A world where having baby by sex is illegal. Everyone is suppose to pick and clone their baby as its easier for government to control their population and industry size. People who want to give birth to baby naturally is not given medical aids and the risk is significantly hightened. People still have freedom to pick their child traits but their choice is very limited and its further controlled by bonus regulated perks and freebies such as night vision, blue eye or 10 years waranty of the baby.

AAaand you are only allow to have natural baby in China

The vendor offer promotions and packages on making a baby. Promotion could be changing based on the most trending babies design meanwhile packages consist of normal to premium packages start from building a baby with chosen set of genomes until implantation of babies into the mother.
Wealthier woman can also choose to avoid implantation and raise their embryo in the lab. The website of the vendor should shows factual research about Crispr process and involve storytelling of live examples ie: how genetic modification helps a HIV positive girl.

Many reasons that support the machine generated babies such as its contribution to the country and the lack of association to pain for women, makes it illegal to not do it. With that being said, it promotes the negativity of actually having sex, and in-return, making this world a safer place especially for women as everyone has similar looks and having sex is not a norm. As for the country, additional rules when making these babies acts as added resources that would benefit the country, and in fact encourage gender equality if needed. If babies are created with errors or the malfunction, a plan to evacuate them is necessary.

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So we went full circle from Adam and Eve, to Adams and Eves. Interesting

We know that different countries have different regulations so the easter egg in this company’s website is that you are able to toggle between setting your location to a different region to see the content and services that are available specific to that country. A satirical component can be derived from this in that one can have a glimpse into what would and would not be allowed in some countries thus showing how humane/inhumane a country’s current policy would reflect for such circumstances in the future, of course in its extremities. Some of the considerations for this could include what a country’s current stand / law / general consensus for a controversial topic surrounding genetic modification in humans.

A science lab semi funded by government helping parents or parent conceive the positive outcome for conceiving baby. Propaganda shown in a colourful, cutesy way is shown to hid a “darker agenda/motive”. The centre runs by a legendary scientist with years of experience in medical and said to helped many people during World War 5.

Baby from this centre will be promised good future from infancy till death - everything from baby products, education to career (mostly govt bodies). Since the centre has their own banking system, parents can also invest their money to get a better outcome. Price caters to everyone from low to high income power.

Please read the plot line to Gattica. I think there are good ideas in Gattica but I don’t want to repeat it, as it’s already been done. I want us to find something new to add to the discussion of eugenics, etc.