Product Design Jam - part 3

Continuing the discussion from Product Design Jam - part 2:

Step 3 - Shape the product from these brilliant ideas. (Yes, you should be thinking of the product now.)


Above stated everyone’s main ideas that shall be taken into consideration of designing the product. We will start a new thread in a linked topic.


This part of the jam requires everyone to work together to shape an art project to be produced.

The product of this jam will be an outline of art project that incorporated as many existing ideas as possible that will be taken forward into the production stage.

We can start by :

  1. Listing down the medium
  2. Filter out what can be used for the medium
  3. Discover new method to use the medium

Please focus on shaping the product and refrain from expanding new ideas. You are suggested to branch out into a new jam by creating a linked post from the previous corresponding jam.

So as we have long considered and discussed, I suggest we make a fictitious website and use it as an element of another different native apps/game.

I think we can use these ideas for the website

Splash messaging showing the ideal messaging (it needs to link between Parents + Centre desire)
“My baby, my choice”
“Perfect baby, perfect future”


  • Promotion for baby starter pack (click for more > Campaign ‘Baby Starter Pack)

Campaign ‘Baby Starter Pack:
List down different menu, including limited edition features (indigo eyes, third eye, Einstein IQ). Think Kickstarter-like offerings

How it works:
Crispr process explained in infographics. Also shows demo and preview

“With Crispy, I know my baby future is safe and guaranteed from birth and adulthood. No more parents woes”

Prediction Calculator/Quiz:
Almost like IQ test, this will help parents determine which genetic combination that will suit the person, plus taking into consideration location of parent since it needs to tally up with law requirement and geographical/cultural appeal. At the end of the quiz, it will generate genetic combination AND price options

Q: Can I afford it?
A: Yes, you can! With our financial plan, with just $9.99 weekly, you can invest in your child’s future and worry no more

List down history, credibility and overview of the centre. Add satirical logos from existing brand (instead of Apple, show Adam’s Apple)


Medium: Website

Stuff to include:
facts about crispr
storytelling with crispr
one part to let user create baby based on defined genomes

New ideas:
A part of the website for user to contribute to the stories

Here are some ideas I think can be added in the website as well.

We will take a short dinner break of 2 days. See you on monday

I want to quickly intervene here with some thoughts for Monday…

I really like the work you’ve done. There are lots of great ideas and they will help keep up the momentum / enthusiasm, as they’ll be fun to implement.

However, there have been a number of times you have asked the group to bring it all together into an approach, a strategy, etc. In this you have sought for a narrative to frame the website and this has taken you in a bunch of different directions. This is exactly the problem we face in story development that can lead to development hell - too many good ideas competing for attention but not servicing the same story.

My answer to this problem is: Story Design.

Use the approach - Issue, Resolution, Debate, Story Message - in order to arrive at a blueprint for the Pitch of this Website. Once you have that, you will know what narrative fits because you will have figured out the following elements:

Title: Build-a-Baby
Topic 1: Designer Babies
Topic 2: ?
Issue: ?
Resolution: ?
Moral Premise: ?
Story Message: ?

Website Pitch:
Title: Build-a-Baby
Dramatic Question:

You don’t really need one synopsis but many, because the website will explore many different stories. That said, all of these stories (synopses) will follow from the same pitch, so they explore many sides of the same setup.

I recorded an Issue Jam on Designer Babies with Toby.

Here is the audio recording.

Here are some of the Issues we came up with:

  • What happens when we no longer need to give birth?
  • Will designer babies become another lifestyle accessory?
  • Are babies becoming a commodity?
  • Can humanity evolve when anyone can determine / design their own outcome / legacy?
  • Should baby-making become the purview of the State?
  • Is the gene pool a common good that should be tended to?

Here are some other ideas that I think are worth remembering…

  • CRISPR helps reduce the expense of childcare by cutting medical costs in the long run.
  • company disclaimer; what you get may not be exactly what you’re expecting.
  • making improvements is just a beginning; people will want to enhance their children.
  • how can the State not get involved in social engineering? Arms race between nations (the quality of their citizenry, workforce, technological advantages, etc)
  • State deploys updates to entire population using communicable diseases (e.g. common cold); new version issued to immunise or enhance existing population.
  • Arms race between citizens, probably class-based; want my child to outshine all others; enabler of parental anxiety.
  • baby-making no longer a black box; control, planning, tracking, measuring, dictate the terms of the outcome.
  • what are the commercial pressures and commodification of baby-making?
  • 9 months is an eternity in today’s marketplace; can’t afford to take time off work; hire someone else to carry to term;
  • mail order baby; I send genetic material, I choose from a menu of genetic donors, I receive an embryo in the mail for implantation or I hire someone else - or use something else - to carry to term.
  • NGS - National Genetic Service - gives everyone a disease-free base genetic material paid for by the State; everyone must use the NGS to prep their embryo; ensures that all basic diseases are eradicated; doesn’t pay for enhancements.
  • genetic material black market; celebrity DNA traded; genetic piracy. Make sure it’s fresh!
  • “My Uncle Oswald” (Roald Dahl)
  • when we achieve more gender equality - women are no longer needed for birthing - what happens to our relationships? Is there a consequence to relinquishing a deep connection to the wheel of life?
  • sympathetic pregnancy surrogates
  • planned obsolescence; biological clock set to end by certain date (Blade Runner cyborgs) as caveat for receiving certain benefits and enhancements.
  • we don’t know what we had until we lose it; then we don’t even remember what we lost.
  • how does my baby reflect my own values? Mini-me.
  • baby design is too important to leave to chance… too important to leave in God’s hands.
  • children as Legacy

I took the liberty of changing the baby pic to the Kewpie mayonnaise baby logo (Japan). I thought it appropriate that Kewpie is a fast moving consumer goods food brand and that it be applied to Build-a-Baby.