Product Design Jam


  1. To analyse the limitations of the Discourse system
  • Technical limitations
  • Usability limitations
  1. To identify features of Discourse that are suitable to be used in the workflow of a jam
  2. To trial-run a draft workflow for jams in general including story jams
  3. To test a draft workflow for how a initial idea jams would produce other asset jams
  4. To test a draft workflow of a jam for production of new assets

A product design jam will commence.
State your ideas on what you think are necessary elements that could be added into the website
Title: Crispr baby

  1. State the idea
  • Share research materials
  • Organise ideas
  • Filter ideas
  • Analyse and elaborate ideas
  1. Connect them
  • Jam for possible connections
  • Draft idea
  • Filter drafted ideas
  • Connect drafted ideas to one
  1. Morph them into the product
  • Analyse product medium
  • Filter what works and does not work
  • Revise idea
  • Test with AGILE software workflow

Objective of this phase of the jam is to seek for ideas that would be suitable elements in our website. For example, “Creators of babies would want to see … on the website because …”
This jam will commence now. Please start by stating your ideas, if possible with proof of research materials.

Mix and match is like fast food. Quick and easy

It can be a machine to generate babies as a writing prompt for writer like a seeds

or it can be a baby making machines for parent to 3D print their clone and it charge people base on their budget.

Research factual issues about crispr baby. The site should portrays itself as neutral towards crispr baby.

Please elaborate on your idea. What can we do with the “Mix & Match” in the website? Creators mix & match their babies?

more fun if they actually encourage people to do it. in a creepy eerie manner

Because it’s illegal in many countries, makes it all the more creepier :ghost:

Imagine we let them pick the traits in the website, and they pick a baby with small head and elongated limb. baby long legs.

who are they?

But is that something that we should encourage creators to do? What do you think? Everyone, what are your thoughts on this?

the website dystopian government aka the BIG BROTHER

Definitely! the whole point of this is to do something we cant do in real life

This article about Crispr baby from Dr He’s findings holds many interesting leads and clues to website idea

Have a read and share your thoughts

Some points from this article I find interesting:

  1. Cheap and easy to deploy
  2. Gene Editing Summit
  3. 60% survey amongst Chinese expressed they favored gene editing if it’s meant to cure diseases

because its illegal to NOT do it, makes it ever mooore creepy

I’m imagining a range of options for single parents who want to have a baby. First, they select the egg and sperm they want to use to create the embryo, or use one of their own if they have sent in a specimen. They can read the bios of the donors with some details redacted.

Then they wait for the embryo to be harvested in the lab, whereupon they receive a list of identified genetic defects and modifications that can be made. It might be like selecting items from a menu but that the menu is dependent upon the outcome of the DNA in the embryo.

Once the embryo reaches a certain stage, it can be sent via courier to the customer’s local insemination center for them to have it implanted in themselves (if they are female), or they could choose to have a surrogate service provided by the company.

Surrogates could be human or artificial wombs, depending upon whether you are old school or happy to use the latest in laboratory womb technology.

In the UK, there is an expression, “Too posh to push”, which means that wealthier women choose to have Caesarian section deliveries so that they don’t have to go through all the uncertainty and pain associated with natural birth (they simply get an epidural). This BaB service takes this a whole step further in that you don’t have to birth your own baby at all.

You get to pick the character and personality traits you want, perhaps on a sliding scale:

  • strength
  • aggression
  • intelligence
  • pain threshold
  • obedience
  • artistic abilities (could be many different ones here)


  • night vision
  • expanded sensory perception (auditory, oral, olfactory, etc)

There might be interactions between the traits so that you can’t simply choose to go all the way in everything you like. Also, you are probably limited to the DNA that you end up with whenever you get an embryo; there’s still an element of chance.

Think of those sweet bags or collectible dolls wherein you don’t know what’s inside (mystery bags, boxes, etc). That’s what getting an embryo is like; you don’t really know what the DNA will allow until it’s formed. Then, you need to make a decision.

The site might run promotions in which government agencies and other interested parties will offer you cash back if you choose certain character traits for your baby. In other words, they are practicing social engineering by making sure that some people select underserved character traits to round out and improve the population.

This is a safe-guard against people all choosing the same attributes and ending up with too many ‘similar’ people.

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Would surrogacy option be a premium than Caesarian since it didn’t involve the parent’s pregnancy? Single Male parent or gays would find this useful too since they can’t conceive.

Single parent story reminds me of Dr Slump’s plot where a scientist created a “perfect little girl robot” but faced challenges in adapting with society, in humourous way. That said, we need to decide on what genre will this website be so we can paint the tone of message and the perspective that we are portraying for our BaB centre