What is "Shared Experience Art Machine"?

Shared Experience Art Machine (SEAM) invests in people, processes, and projects that encourage mass collaboration.

We believe that we can help people be more creative when we provide a safe environment in which to experiment, collaborate, and share in success - resulting in greater innovation that is fair and equitable to all.

We feel that the future of mankind depends heavily upon our ability to manifest mass collaboration. When creativity is highest, humanity is best. When the cognitive surplus of the world can be effectively harnessed towards solving long-term goals, we can truly benefit not only from the wisdom of the crowd but the cognitive diversity & tenacity of the crowd to solve existential problems.

Back in 2012, our mission was to create a co-operative ‘social’ studio where members of the co-op worked together to create new intellectual property. Because of my background in film and theatre, our original focus was to be on new entertainment franchise creation. Sadly, nobody was interested in a co-op studio back then although I suspect this would be more popular within the DAO movement today.

We recorded a pitch for ourselves a few years later. It was ‘activist’ and ‘revolutionary’ - at least that’s what our critics said. Here is the original recording. Password: daomebaby2050

Those of you who are more familiar with us will realize that we ended up focusing on the framework for mass collab creativity which is, Jamit.io. It was originally called Transmediator - an “Open Production Platform for a Creative Commons”.

Transmediator is still the dream but we have to focus on short-term gains, although, having said that, Jamit has taken us several years to get to an MVP! My hope is that if we can make Jamit successful then we can add the other components of IP management, royalty remuneration, etc, most likely managed by a blockchain Dapp to ensure adherence to chain of title, and eventually put all the pieces in place to achieve the dream.


this is great – I watched the Transmediator training; very well done. Looking forward to diving in and doing some JAMs before too long! :slight_smile: