What if you could hire a dream sucubus to eat your nightmares?

This is the Dramatic Question arising from of the second Story Jam we did in our first April 2020 Jamcast.

Format: 15 mins, choose 3x Issues, choose 1x Character + Action + Set Piece.

“What if lies help us find the truth?”
“What if there was a bespoke dream service?”
“What if technology makes us stupid?”

Character: Idiot Savant, Mr/Mrs Cellophane
Actions: Refreshingly Horrific, Goes Undercover
Locations: Laboratory, Taxidermist

Ideas discussed:
creature that feeds off bad dreams or instills it in them = “Dream Sucubus”; idiot savant is unaffected, perhaps because they can only think ‘happy thoughts’;
mental hygienist helps you to clear your fears
taxidermy - form of immortality, life after death; or a reminder of someone in death as they were in life; a form of preservation of the past; bear shot in the ass anecdote;
character is awful at taxidermy, smuggles things in cadaver; what’s inside?
bubonic plague - don’t dig up the mound;
someone that could personify your dreams and act them out in waking life, bring your nightmares to life - “Dream Casting”; dream doppelgänger;

Dramatic Question:
“What if someone / something hijacked a bespoke dreaming service to manufacture nightmares?”
“What if you could hire a dream sucubus to eat your nightmares?”
“What if taxidermy was hiding a refreshingly horrific truth?”
“What if you could cast the characters from your dreams into real life?”