What if lies help us find the truth?

This is the Issue arising from of the first Story Jam we did in our first April 2020 Jamcast.

Format: 15 mins, randomly select 3x Premises + 3x Topics, come up with Issues.

“The best time is stolen time”
“Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth”
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Lucid Dreaming
Body Art

Some ideas that came out of the Jam:

body art as symbols of infection status, contagion level, or guide to other people of safety level or grant access to resources
“Age of Pandemics” - industrial farming and animal husbandry (“pangolins and bats, oh my!”)
“What if you must display your viral status?”
Life has become one giant lucid dream, infinite scroll; strange dreams in isolation;
“What if you could have personally tailored dreams?”
lucid dreaming consultant, dream agent, dream shaman; hire someone from the bespoke dream service;
explore your desires and fears, make yourself the hero of your own story, shape your own dreams for entertainment - “Dream Streaming service”; everyone sharing dreams; watch something before you go to sleep to shape your dreams
dreams are a form of art that reveal something beneath - dream interpreters - dream consultant as a character;