Topic Jamcast on Designer Babies

Toby and I discuss Designer Babies in an attempt to think of some possible Issues to Jam later.

Here is a recording of our discussion.

Please see our Wiki page, Designer Babies.

This was very intriguing and enjoyed listening. I made a website about this creating an idea for the future of selling designer babies online - Where you can choose a partner (Match) to give you the traits & DNA you desire to see in your child, like you said still kind of a crap shoot because you don’t know exactly what will happen but more under control of getting what you want. I put myself as a match for fun :rofl:

Procreation Tinder. That’s fun. I was thinking of starting a site, myself. I purchased a few domains but I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m glad you did. You should continue adding content and then invite other people to do the same.

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will do! I purchased a few other domains also - Another one I’m exited about is Called - - I live in a suburb outside Detroit and its incredible what some people will throw out, I have found vintage posters/signs, mid century dressers, brand new clothing with tags still on them, couches in great condition, Some things I keep and other I sell and give it a second life, its the best job I ever had haha :slight_smile: Not sure exactly sure what to do with it yet but I thought was a creative fun thing to make. Will definitely keep adding more content to the list and hopefully collaborate with others as well.

This reminds me of an idea I had a long time ago to write a story from the perspective of the cleaners that are sent by the State (in my case it was the UK at the time) to clear out homes from deceased who have no known relatives. This is an actual job. They end up combing through lots of history of the deceased in an effort to figure out who they were and if they have any surviving relatives. It’s a fairly emotional and involved experience. Of course, it becomes more interesting when the deceased cut themselves off from the rest of society for a reason which they don’t want anyone else to know…

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I really like that idea, some small things people collect over the years may have a deep meaning, connecting to a past memory or place. When you mentioned the history of the deceased trying to figure out who they were reminded me of citizen Kane. I would enjoy doing a job like that. Sounds like a really interesting story let me know if you would like to dive deeper, I would love to help.

This might also make an interesting puzzle in a game. You enter into an apartment from the POV of the cleaner and try to piece together their history. Like a Docudrama game.

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Good read. Do we really know the people closest to us, really know them?
I worked on a screenplay that featured a character who had done terrible things in their past and created a new identity for themselves, living every day as atonement. The point of the story was to ask if we could ever really be forgiven by others if we cannot ever forgive ourselves?
When someone we love goes away - especially when they are from an older generation - we regret not having asked them many things, things we took for granted when they were alive, or simply never bothered to wonder about until after. It could be the curse of youth. Arrogance of youth.

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