The Yes-Men

David, Marcus and Toby story jam to come up with new issues after discussing Super Rich Disaster Clubs, Baffle Gab, and the Overton Window.

Super Rich Disaster Club
Baffle Gab
Overton Window


What if privilege is used as a super power?
What if we rely upon Billionaires to save us?
What if Billionaires buy up nations?
What if the US had to sell itself to China? (On EBay)
What if a country incorporated and went on the stock market? If a country became a company?

Super Rich Disaster Club could be about ‘Disaster Tourism’; people go to see catastrophic events; go back in time to be present at key moments in history (can’t remember the movie’s name).

People create disasters and use them for commercial ends. Elon Musk’s strange giant digging machine. His submarine in Thailand to save the kids whereupon he called his critic a pedo.

Rich people go around rescuing people - thinking of themselves as superheroes, endowed by their wealth and privilege - but they are inept. They expect to be received with a hero’s welcome but people don’t always appreciate their ideas. Their solutions are inappropriate because they are divorced from reality by their privilege. The Olympus organization. Olympic Airways would not be a good product placement vehicle.

Only I can save you. If you don’t like their idea, they have a tantrum, sue you and send you into space.

They are invested in consultants and therapy. Emotional Intel. Privilege Therapy. They need to process their feelings about it. Therapists for everyone, especially after something catastrophic, tragedies cause by them - Baffle Gab.

The privileged presume that their wealth makes them smarter and better; things around them reinforce that idea. They are surrounded by sycophants. The group is called, “The Yes-Men”.

If you’re building a bunker, you have to build space for your pilot’s family. Who do you invite into the future? Choose them carefully since you’ll be spending an eternity with them in the bunker… and possibly in a post-apocalyptic future. Service Class. It becomes a domestic drama. Bunker Sitcom. Disaster Sitcom. It’s a Prepper’s ‘Gillian’s Island’.

Which British sitcom was ‘Sanford and Sons’ based on? Steptoe and Son.

Overton Window. 90% taxation in the 60’s and unthinkable in the 80’s; maybe creeping back towards the window now. Death is more acceptable in a pandemic; death happens; we should accept the risk of living. Universal Basic Income seems to be entering the mainstream. Assisted Death? Gated communities, such as underwater deep sea bunkers.

Philanthropic zillionaires… is the window closing on them because they don’t pay their fare share of taxes? Billionaires have replaced government. We ask them to take care of social ills instead of asking our government institutions. Sometimes we wait for wealthy people to parachute in and save us (the Yes-Men).