David & Toby Jam on Storyliving after watching the Disney Storyliving Community pitch video, plus the EPCOT pitch by Walt Disney back in 1966.

The impetus for the Jam was their original Dream Board Jam in which they discussed the idea for a project called, “Disney Moon”.

Here is a link to the StoryLiving Jam on


Storyliving - A community to make you believe you are at the center of everything, wow what a concept lol, thanks for sharing - When I worked at Disney, I was living in a sort of planned community for the Disney college program and was provided housing (which came out of our paychecks), transportation and a job (cheap labor) and is bringing back flashbacks of how similar that experience seemed to Walt Disney’s idea of Epcot. There was a very diverse community with people from all around the world living together to gain hospitality experience. These ideas of “perfect” communities you are 24/7 in this Disney fantasy and almost seems like a brainwash to get you to stay within its “gates” Some people would not be able to be themselves because of certain standards and codes within the community like building codes, not able to personalize your lawn, certain designs of your home and having almost its own government or “proper control” of residents in the community, losing the charm of the melting pot of cultures from around the world leaving their unique potential behind. It will be interesting to see how this story living project evolves, seems quite artificial no matter how beautiful the community is. The new star was hotel immersive experience does sound fun though and maybe I could see myself living as Han Solo for a day😊

Sean - that’s fascinating! Thanks for sharing that.

One of the great ironies of a charismatic leader’s vision of utopia is often how banal it is and how dystopic it becomes. I think that one individual’s imagination is rarely as breathtaking as that of a whole generation. Diversity doesn’t flourish under extreme control or inflexible design.

When I think about Westworld - as in Michael Crichton’s nightmarish vision - it strikes me that this is closer to a Disney vision of a perfect future than any other organization that I can think of. They love their robots! Their perfectly sanitized communities, etc.