SIMULATION ONLY: Product Design Jam



  1. To analyse the limitations of the Discourse system
  • Technical limitations
  • Usability limitations
  1. To identify features of Discourse that are suitable to be used in the workflow of a jam
  2. To trial-run a draft workflow for jams in general including story jams
  3. To test a draft workflow for how a initial idea jams would produce other asset jams
  4. To test a draft workflow of a jam for production of new assets

A product design jam will commence.
State your ideas on what you think are necessary elements that could be added into the website
Title: Crispr baby

  1. State the idea
  • Share research materials
  • Organise ideas
  • Filter ideas
  • Analyse and elaborate ideas
  1. Connect them
  • Jam for possible connections
  • Draft idea
  • Filter drafted ideas
  • Connect drafted ideas to one
  1. Morph them into the product
  • Analyse product medium
  • Filter what works and does not work
  • Revise idea
  • Test with AGILE software workflow

Among the idea that i had after some research is how law and morality can be changed once new technology like genetic modified baby is introduced

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Meaning we’re making the creators aware of such in our website?

I think based on a few references, elements like the importance or the purpose of doing so is necessary. That way when a creator intends to make a baby, they understand the necessary components that they have to be aware of, such as why are they there? Or what do they want the baby to be capable of?

Nice ideation, lets try to connect them into one

So i can imagine a future where morality and law is twisted to a point where people mix and match their baby like mcd instead of leaving it to gods hand

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Speaking of which, it’d be super creepy if creators actually start making their babies without eyes or nose just like how Fai rejects the addition of mayo in his burgers haha

anyways, let’s try and organise these ideas so that we are able to merge them

so imagine them doing it, so frequently, that they suit themselves to the consequences of doing so and it becomes a norm. Especially if the law is in favour of such actions because if anything, these babies are workforce that adds contributes resource to a country, mainly because they are built and programmed to do so.

Did I go way too far ahead? I think I did haha

Nice ideation, now lets figure out how we usw then

When couples make babies now, it’s a very private and personal decision (yes, I know that parents may be pressuring them but inevitably it’s a personal decision). With Crispr we are making decisions that effect our entire species. Therefore, baby-making may no longer be private but in the public domain. The State may pressure you to make certain choices in the interest of the “greater community”.

The fate of the human race is too important to leave in God’s hands.

I say this with irony, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully, you get the idea.

The fast-food analogy might be an interesting one in terms of site design. We want to make baby design easier and fool-proof :slight_smile:

I’m creating a wiki page for “Designer Babies” which will collect research for this topic and some ideas that emerge from this discussion.

The wiki page will act as a “Topic Wall” for future discussions involving designer babies. It functions as a role-model for the type of materials we can amass under topic headings for future jams.

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DIY Genetic Modification and CRISPR at home! The Odin.