Roll with It

David and Toby test out the Gansamacher Game on Miro courtesy of Roze’s artistry.

Afterwards, David and Toby discuss how to make the game better based on their Jam.

Star: Anne Hathaway
Antagonist: Sam Rockwell
Genre: Historical (early 2000’s)
Cause: Adopt the Elderly
Product Placement: Miracle Gro
Title: Roll with It
Dramatic Question: What if a depressed town can save itself from obscurity by selling itself out or creating a community?
Tagline: Sometimes you must think with your heart, not with your head-cheese
Premise: When all think alike, no one thinks much
Logline: Hathaway runs a garden nursery in a town once world famous for its cheese-rolling competition but which due to injury (and ridicule) the competition was closed and the town has fallen on hard times. When a local developer, Rockwell, makes an offer to buy the town, Hathaway is moved to save her community by relaunching the competition and capturing former glory, even though the town has not only lost its mojo but also its cheesemaking know-how.

**Hathaway uses Miracle Gro on her plants; it’s one of her secrets.