Pre-Alpha Overview of Jamit

Here’s my very amateurish overview of our pre-alpha version of Jamit


Please try it out and give us feedback!

Thank you :slight_smile:


We are launching this as an open source project in the next few weeks. We really hope people will come develop it with us.


good stuff - looking forward to diving in more and playing around in this sandbox!

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I’m having fun experimenting & playing around with it using the freestyle mode and creating different cards, It’s cool that you can add images and hyperlinks, I find that helpful to translate an idea to life visually and bring it all together in a simple way. Working on figuring out how to create a card deck properly with the deck builder as a game type situation so I may invite other people to join and play. It seems like the one I created only allows spectators or needs a password, just need to spend more time exploring it so I understand how to use all the tools. I did find the link that you can use and send to friends, on a separate note it seems great as a platform just to organize notes/ideas in general on the canvas. Will keep you updated as I continue to explore or have any questions.

Below is a link to the first freestyle I am playing around with.

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Sean - that’s so cool! It looks like you’ve got the hang of it!

Okay, let me see if I can clear up a few things, especially as we don’t have any instructions as of yet.

In order for other people to participate (and have access) - as opposed to simply being spectators - you need to make sure that they go to your Jam’s waiting room and show up in the Jammer list BEFORE you start the Jam. You can go in and setup the canvas before they all arrive but you must wait for them to assemble before you start. Even if you don’t end up completing your Jam together, they can still enter the Jam later, so long as they were accepted at the outset (in the waiting room).

Deck Builder can be buggy. We recently had a problem where we couldn’t rename our decks but that should be fixed. You can only add one deck to one template at a time. We are working on multiple decks but for now you cannot. In order to create a workaround, you need to create all the cards you will need for your game - giving them different categories, if required - into a single deck and then add that deck to your template. When you go into the canvas setup, you’ll see this deck in your library. You can drag the cards onto the canvas and rearrange them into actual decks that your players will interact with.

I like how you are using this as a mind map / brainstorming tool just for yourself. That was a use case that we started with. In the future, we’d love to be able to invite people to interact with our personal Jam and save snapshots so that people can take it in different directions without destroying the original work. Watch this space!

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One more thing…

If you want to create a ton of cards in your deck then you’ll want to create them in a spreadsheet and upload it. This will make your life much easier than creating them one-by-one in our interface (currently).

  1. Create a new spreadsheet
  2. Name the top three columns: content, label, category (do NOT capitalize nor use any font formatting; field type can be ‘General’)
  3. Enter you data in the rows below each column; blank data is fine
  4. Save file as a ‘.csv’
  5. Upload when you’re in the Deck Builder and you’ve created a new deck
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