Poetry Session

As time goes by natures lullaby soothes my soul, healing the long lost love and pain of what our world may have been, without you I remain strong wishing the waves of the ocean kiss the shore of my life again for the first time

Art Credit - (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/42EKk)

This pictures strikes me as having both calm and turmoil. I can see why you had love enter into it!

I have been thinking on ‘contentment’ a lot recently. And, gratitude. They feel interrelated. When we are young we don’t think much of contentment but it’s really a wonderful feeling to have on a regular basis.

Angst, drama, hyperbole… they interfere with our ability to feel gratitude and contentment for the life that we have. In some ways this image brought up these thoughts. It has the stillness of gratitude - deep and endless on the horizon - but in the foreground the surf is churning like a rumination that threatens not to stop.

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