Pandemic A/B Testing - No Guts, No Glory

We ran out of time before we could create the resolutions.

Is this Deja Vu or history repeating itself?
What if masks became status symbols?
What if we could do over?

Deja vu is faulty memory, a brain fart, and should be dismissed. It’s impossible for you to have had this experience before. History repeating itself is acceptable. DV is a micro-moment rather than something repeating. A loop in time; a glitch in the Matrix. History is learning that we haven’t learnt from history. Been there, done that. False memory.

History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes. We look for patterns. Humans of past epochs are similar to humans of today. There’s a continuity in the weirdness of humanity despite the centuries between them.

Alec’s driving story. You know how to drive a car irregardless of what country you’re in. There are some differences in traffic rules but they are small deviations and they make sense to the people around which they build a shared reality, shared experience allows us to predict the pattern that comes next. You might make a few mistakes but you can work it out. You won’t do anything completely reckless because the patterns are applicable to new situations. The Covid situation may be the same.

There are times for humility so that we can learn. We make assumptions that Covid is like a virulent form of influenza. What if the assumption isn’t correct? What if it lives in you forever? The assumptions we make are based on life experience but a bit of humility recognizes that we have blind spots and looking back through history shows us some of them. We know how to drive a car but we are more likely to get into an accident when driving in another country.

The more I learn the more I realize I haven’t got a clue. Wise man knows that he knows nothing. The more I learn the less I know. The Covid A/B Pandemic experiment. You go outside and do what you want to do; I’ll stay at home and keep an eye on it. We’ll test the designs and see which works better after collecting good data. watch and see. In the US, variant ‘A’ is the meat processing and nursing homes. Variant ‘B’ is shelter-in-place.

Covid-19 is a do-over. We already did 1918. We had similar protests and attacks on government back then like we do now. History is repeating itself. We are getting our do-over and doing it exactly the same way.

When Boris Johnson says it’s time to go to work it means we have more room available in intensive care. We’ll end up surfing the 2nd wave. Doomsurfing!