Nana Tamagotchi

David, Marcus and Toby story jam in quest of some Issues. Here are the highlights.

Attitudes towards life and death. Manscaping. Liver Cleansing. Data Surveillance. Idea Viruses. Disney on ICE. Kardashians in the White House. End of Life. Idea Antigens. Disposable Lives. Time’s Up. The REAL economy. Assisted Living Hospice. Death Party.

Topics: Nursing Home-icide, Contact Tracing, Astroturfing, Tamagotchi

What if we turned nursing homes into games of Tamagotchi?
What if you could pick the day you die?
What if ideas were dangerous enough to require contact tracing?
What if you could be vaccinated against infectious ideas (idea antigens)?
What if you had to be put into Idea Quarantine?
What if your death party really sucked?
What if leaders livestreamed their lives and decided everything by snap polls?
What if a social media influencer became our leader?
What if you got paid for spreading propaganda / astroturfing (affiliate marketing)?