Memories are not what they used to be

This is the arising from of the third Story Jam we did in our first April 2020 Jamcast.

Format: 15 mins, choose 3x Dramatic Questions, choose 1x Character + Action + Set Piece.

Issues / Dramatic Questions:
“What if you killed everyone you came into contact with?”
“What if you could see possible futures but only when…?”
“What if you could hire a sucubus to eat your nightmares?”
“What if someone hijacked a dreaming service to manufacture nightmares?”
“What if you could cast the characters from your dreams into real life?”
“What if you can see possible futures only when you’re in asleep?”
“What if you kill the person when you kill their fears / nightmares?”

Characters: Unusual Artist
Actions: Investigates / Succums / Assassinates
Set Pieces: Yard Sale, Seaside

ideas that came out of this story jam:

unusual artist could be a dream merchant, dream consultant, dream interpreter, shaman - investigates the yard sale of your mind to help you identify what is happening to you
maybe dreams themselves are possible futures? Your brain is a prediction engine, premonition machine, running through possible outcomes
Oracle of Delphi had drug-infused dreams that resulted in ambivalent yet concrete reality; tea leaf reader;
salad artist; water sommelier; salad artist works with raw food, typhoid Mary, salad days, food poisoning outbreak
“yard sale of my mind”
As we get older, live longer, we have to purge memory to make space - hire Marie Kondo for the mind; if this memory doesn’t bring you joy, expunge it (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind); do we have a finite amount of storage space in our heads? Are you the same person after deliberately deleting stuff [Johnny Mnemonic]
brain as a gateway to another dimension that shows us possible futures; the person we think was going inward was really jumping dimensions
“What if you can see possible futures only when you’re in a coma or asleep?”
Marie Kondo for memories - mental hygienist - helps you to get rid of the clutter but you discover it’s a gift of some kind and you need to get into better touch with it;
Mental Hygienist assassinates memories in the age of pandemic to help you find meaning; memory assassin; don’t kill the person but only the thing that made them into who they are; kill the thing that makes them them rather than the entire person.