Love Bugs - a Gansamacher production

The Dev Team takes a 7x Card prompt approach to coming up with an elevator pitch in 30 minutes.

Here are the prompts:

star + co-star + genre + cause + set piece + product placement + premise

We also tried using the character wheel to determine a sub-genre as well as what character archetypes to use for the star and co-star.

Here are the prompts we got:

Scarlett Johansson + Dwayne Johnson + social media orphans + locust attack + “The Lawn Mower” by Manscaped + “He that is discontent in one place is seldom content in another”

We rejiggered the premise to be: “The grass is always greener when you’re faded on the inside”

We chose the following archetype for Johansson: The Master
We chose the following archetype for Johson: Peacemaker

Here is our final pitch:

“A leading entomologist and the ex-youtube celebrity from her once popular show, “Love Bugs”, race across the country to get ahead of a locust invasion to save the town of Fresh Pines from the impending attack. Unfortunately, her sidekick - a vegan, environmental farmer - does not want to harm the bugs nor does the town want to burn their crops to stop the swarm. However, when faced with winged destruction the team weaponizes their manscaped shaver into the ultimate locust killer.”