January Can Be a Challenging Month for Many

January Can Be a Challenging Month for Many - On the heels of what’s often a festive time during the holidays, January often proves to be an unwelcome transition. Here are some thoughts on changing that.

Sometimes challenging times can get you down, but I loved what you said about focusing your energy on what matters the most :slight_smile: One day at a time building yourself up with positive energy - Also I feel like humor helps to make any transition a pleasant one and more enjoyable, laughter can be the best medicine, on that note here is a funny clip from Rocketman - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU50t4QVe2U

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Regarding Rocketman clip - it seems primordial that we enjoy blowing stuff up so much to calm ourselves down.


This begs for a scene where a group of young men in on headsets in different households are having a tender and heart-warming conversation about personal issues and coping with challenges in life that they are grappling with while killing people and creating lots of carnage in a game co-op.


good grief – a sad scenario but unfortunately likely all too realistic!!