Jamit approaching Alpha release

Check out our latest Story Jam video - creating a Logline in 30 mins - on Jamit.io.

We are enlisting our friends and colleagues to help us with the development of our MVP. Not for the fainthearted, however, as the system has no instructions, is still very buggy, etc, but we’re starting to get there!

Our primary focus is to make the UIX as smooth and flexible as possible without inundating users with complex menus. This means making the cards function as familiar as possible when trying to stack them, create decks, picking cards, taking notes, etc.

The gamification functions do exist but we are putting them in the background for now and focusing primarily on the user experience. That said, we have recently added the ability to set up the canvas within the Jam template, itself. This means that every Jam deployed with that template can have the same decks and setup going forward.

We welcome users with other use-cases than storytelling. In particular, we’d like to engage people from education. We also see usability for STEM (cooperative research) and for Scenario Planning wihen it comes to multiple teams or agencies working together to plan the future.

Some notes regarding the video:
We hope to replace the instruction cards with interactive system prompts in future as part of the Jam template; the system should also become a player that can play different cards depending upon circumstances.
Moving decks: click and drag the bottom edge of the card; doing it anywhere else will just pop the top card off the deck.
Elipses on the upper right of the cards can sometimes stop functioning; we are looking into this bug. Refreshing the page might resolve.
I set up the canvas prior to the Jam using a deck that I created especially for this purpose. The deck was part of the template but I didn’t add my canvas setup to the template because I wanted to choose a subset of cards (and not use all of them) in the Jam iteration so I went in and manually set up the canvas before inviting Toby.


love this - great progress!!