Insights on the Explosion of AI (with a little help from some of my friends)

In this article I share some thoughts on the explosion of AI. We’ve never seen an innovative technology take off so fast (that has been brewing for decades). I spotlight some of my fellow visionary colleagues and what they have to say on the topic as well – many who are the forefront of the changes that are taking place in this space. Just following this handful of futurists will result in a crash course on the sector. Love to hear your thoughts once you read this piece.

This new AI momentum going on is interesting and I want to learn more about it so thanks for sharing the links! I like what Dr.Pippa said, “no matter how advanced they get, I don’t think we’ll find something more powerful than the human brain” There are so many cool possibilities with this but just hope we don’t lose our need for human connection on the way and rely on AI for certain things that have a more profound impact being together.

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Alien: Covenant 4K HDR | Opening Scene - The Creation Of AI

I couldn’t agree more Sean – we must retain our human connection as things progress. And I’m in full alignment with Pippa about nothing being more powerful than the human brain – except perhaps for the human heart, emotion & empathy. AI is but another tech tool to harness for lots of things that are otherwise mundane and that require heavy computational power. It cannot and will not replace many facets unique to humans and to the brain IMHO!

Geoffrey Hinton, on PBS Newshour, said that AI has more power at its disposal to be more powerful than the human brain. Perplexing suggestion but worth debating. Personally, I’m not sure that power consumption or the trillions of connections are 1-for-1 comparable. Some systems do much more with less… and maybe that’s what the human brain is capable of. I don’t know. Empathy is a very human characteristic. We have reduced empathy of late in our children. And we know that AI does not understand empath (for the time being). It can be a bit psychopathic - intelligent but lacking in empathy… So can some human beings! In any case, maybe this discussion is what it is, is more engaging for the time being, because we are struggling with internal societal battles that end up making us more fearful of AI taking over. I think this concern is worth talking about but not something to worry about right now. In any event, I think the paranoia is hyperbolic and overblown but I am glad that we are having this conversation instead of “moving fast and breaking things”.