Facebook Breeder - "We know you better than yourself"

David and the Dev team do their second jam by throwing out random ideas and seeing how they related to each other, starting with some Issues.

Let Facebook find your perfect match whether it’s for friendship, love or baby-making. “Leave it up to us. We know you better than yourself.”

What if globalization came to an end?
What if Facebook became a dating application?
What if Facebook was a genetic broker, match-maker?
What if Facebook was used for social engineering?
What if the Social Media services promise to keep your secrets so long as you never leave them?

FB is already a dating agency! They do have a dating app embedded and they control who cavorts with whom. Most dating apps are shopping for people - Tinder, OkCupid, etc - rather than FB which tries to connect you with someone you know. More old-school. Social Engineering. The others are meat market, encouraging temporary hook-ups between people who don’t know each other, whereas FB is doing more social engineering aiming for longer-term relationships, like marriage. Dating apps can be random whereas FB uses more metrics for matching.

Catfishing using FB. Woman created fake account and got her ex to travel really far away and lure him. FB is a Spy Agency? What if we could find a way to connect more info from users by creating a dating app? People will end up expressing more of their inner thoughts and feelings online and thus make themselves more targetable.

Mothers and fathers could look for potential mates for their children. Facebook Babies. What would your offspring look like if you made a baby? Match-Maker. Arranged marriages - “My match-maker knew me better than myself.” Match-makers who do a good job know their population super well. You might ask FB for approval when it comes to a date if they are the match-maker, dating broker. Cat dating. Cat playdates. Cat match-maker.

“Playdate” - the new FB dating app. “Breeding Central”. Match-making for human breeding (or, animals). FB Breeder. Build-a-Baby. Upload your DNA. What would your mixed-breed look like?

Good genetic matching. Smell test. Women on the pill have hormonal changes that interfere and mask the ability to smell mates with a good genetic match. Some couples when they come off the pill find that the woman no longer is attracted to her partner. Also, another form of masking can be used called, Channel No5!

What if Facebook becomes a genetic broker, match-maker? If you pay them enough you could ask them to lie. Send your saliva sample and we will match you to someone perfect. They can show you certain icons next to a person’s profile if they are a good procreation partner - thumbs up, thumbs down. They have more emojis now. They will need to add the procreation emoji.

If I was a supplier of certain supplements, I would do integration with FB to provide a service that would predict how the offspring would look with different individuals and then to increase chances of better offspring, here is the pill you should take. Offspring Helper application.

Boost your genetic post. Genetic Booster. FB boost your sperm. Commercialization of baby making.

There’s something creepy about FB knowing you better than yourself, “We know you better than yourself”. There’s nowhere to hide, so get it all out in the open.

Is it better to hide your info or give it to FB. Do they have to know everything about you? Is that better or worse for you? They already own WhatsApp and Instagram. There’s a lot of touchpoint there. A massive surveillance operation. You couldn’t stay off FB if you tried. They even use other back-end channels with other digital service owner to get your data - on a data sharing network - so that FB is monitoring you even when you’re no longer using FB. Their data Web is almost as large as the World Wide Web. They are the real Central Intelligence Agency. They can influence your behavior without you realizing it. Nudging. What you can and cannot see on the Web. Less about misinformation and more about ‘targeting’. You only see the information and advertising and friends that is decided for you in that moment.

“Pay us to keep your secrets”. Because FB, Google and others know so much about you, they could do a side hustle where they charge you to keep secrets. Or, as long as you use our service, we will keep your secrets safe… but if you were ever to leave our service we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that it stays safe. Blackmail has the word mail in it - Black-email.

You are not the customer - you are the product. Whenever you use a service that is ‘free’ you must ask yourself why. Most likely it’s because you are the product and somebody else is the customer. Why would FB want to match-make for your benefit, unless they were doing social engineering for their real customer, The State (or some other entity that paid enough for it).