Everlife Corporation

A recent thread reminded me of a project I worked on back in 2011 called, “Everlife” - an afterlife flesh retirement community. The purpose of it was to explore immortality by creating a corporate website for a company that preserved people forever in a mysterious state of animation, leaving out some of the particulars as to how they did it (cryogenic? Something else?)

My hope was to invite other people to contribute to this over time until we had fleshed out a really good backstory from which we could launch short stories about the company and people’s interaction with it.

I’m posting this here in case anyone wants to resurrect this idea. I’m including some snapshots of the website, its blog, etc, as brain fodder.


We also prepared some self-help recordings to improve you in this life to make the next one better called, “EverNow”.

Here are some of those:

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OK - this is bizarre David. I’ve always had an inexplicable fascination with life after death, reincarnation – AND actually studied cryogenics seriously in high school. SO…I absolutely love this topic. Maybe we should do a Jam session around it? Plenty of storytelling opportunities here that’s for sure; love what you shared that you had already come up with some time ago here.

I feel like this afterlife community could create a “Digital DNA” of someone if you had enough information/data, like a memory card of your DNA that could be stored in a database for eternity. Including personality, pre-recorded responses + ways to generate all new conversations entirely with voice replication as well as cosmetically regenerating the physical appearance of an individual using photographs and videos to mimic facial expressions. I could see this EVERLIFE corporation turning into a “West World” type situation where a client could “order” someone from the past/dead to be alive again in a robot or Host form. There could also be an option to volunteer your own digital DNA in the hopes that someone from the future would resurrect you in host form.

There is a creative anime film that triggered my memory about “eternal life” with this everlife corporation that was also re-done into live action called “Ghost in the shell” where the character is saved from a tragedy and brought back to life in cyborg type form and implanted with past memories. full-body prosthesis was done to house her cyber-brain + cyber-enhanced to be a vigorous soldier devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals, maybe Everlife could be a front to create cyborg soldiers to fight the worlds evil ?

Ghost in the Shell (1995 Movie) Official IMAX Trailer - Mamoru Oshii, Masamune Shirow

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