Death Farce

David & Toby hope to create a story nugget and digress as they plumb the depths of despair of the moral compromise faced by first responders and meatpackers in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Science is flawed
Science is the new superstition, mysticism… “Science will fix it”; Science Lies;
Post-Normal Science (here’s the article referred to in the Jam)
What makes a scientist go political?
Thomas Kuhn
Moral Compromise - peer pressure to participate, heroes are our sacrificial lambs
Herd Immunity = Cannon Fodder
Commercial Sacrifice - lay your life down for the economy
Eddy the Eagle
Everything is political
Fighting for the sound bite

‘Post’-something is really ‘Pre’ something else

We are celebrating people’s self-sacrifice instead of recognizing that we created the problem to begin with by allowing a containable outbreak to become a pandemic with such a high viral load that it endangers first responders.

Penny wise, Pound foolish

Why can’t we stop ourselves from not-learning-from-the-past?

Title: aka, “Death Farce”
Genre: Satire (or, Farce?)
Premise: God created the world but it’s the devil that keeps it going
Tagline: Penny wise, pound foolish
Locations: Hospital vs. Meatpacking plant - ironically, they mirror one another (two sides of the same coin). Characters are husband and wife - one is a nurse, the other brings home the bacon; each of whom must navigate the increasing absurdity of a pandemic.
Everyday, management tells them that what they are seeing is not really what’s happening (Trump-esque and Kafka-esque; “Don’t believe your eyes and ears”).
Pioneers… or, obsequious to authority? Maybe, people should demand competence from leadership.