Chief Complexification Officer

What if taking risks to prove a point is good for us?
What if the extreme risk takers are pioneers?
What if following the herd is important for solidarity?
What if you endanger yourself by not following the tribe?
What if we should be welcoming dissent?

Executive Time

Front-stabbers could be a positive contribution to a creative team. Let people defend themselves and their ideas. Sometimes given advice means ‘stabbing gently’. Cause of creative friction which leads to new opportunities. Avoids, simmers and seethers. Surgical Precision Stabber is what you need; Scalpel Stabber.

Complexifier. Size matters. Life is complicated but some people always manage to make everything more complicated. Sometimes you can’t simplify everything, nor should you. You may need a complexifier. In fact, that leads to entrepreneurialism, people who take on complexities, take that choice in order to grow or make things better. Evolve. Learning. The ability to communicate the problems we have now while balancing lots of other factors is a complex task to which there isn’t a simple answer. We need the Chief Complexifier, the CCO (Chief Complexification Officer). KISS.

Executive time is a euphemism for ‘me time’. Somehow it’s more important if you are more important. We have a lot of executive time on our hands now. Special time; Cockney rhyme for ‘investment banker’. Special time from dubious service. Putting the word ‘executive’ in front of things make them more dubious.

It is easier to love humanity than to love your neighbor
An escape from reality leads to a day of reckoning
Neighbors are complexifiers. Executive time may lead to a day of reckoning depending upon who it’s with…

What’s important to one person isn’t to someone else. Alec’s community bin story. Moaners have too much time on their hands. Their reality is different. Whose reality matters more?

Not having a shared reality is problematic. Shared Reality = Society? We create reality together.

The Worryers, the crazy dreamers, the pedantic detail people - all are necessary ingredients to society. You need the sociopath in times or war. Society needs all the people with different perceptions of reality to function.

What’s the message - virtue signaling - of not wearing a mask? People send a message of some kind when not following the tribe. We don’t have a shared reality, “I want to be treated differently”. Isn’t wearing a mask showing a commitment to a shared reality, to our community, to our society?

Men tend to feel emasculated by masks, embarassment, weakness (toxic masculinity). Fashion faux pas. Fear of looking weak (don’t want to admit to health issue; boys don’t cry).

Maybe the outliers are breaking new ground for us? They are the reckless explorers that do dangerous things but make new discoveries (Marie Curie experimenting on herself).

Risk mitigation in other aspects. Maybe non-mask wearing individuals minimize risks in other areas and feel that it all equals out.

Following the herd may be important for solidarity. Being excluded from the tribe could be certain death once upon a time. Nowadays we have thousands of Microtribes. People are part of many and shift around.

Nowadays Stupid has less consequences, so maybe taking more risks is better for us?

Pillars of democracy: free and fair elections, rule of law applied to all, freedom of dissent. Lose one of those and like a tripod the whole thing falls over.

Alec’s skydiving story.

Crispr - change our genetics but despite the unintended consequences we might have a society that allows us room to screw up, run experiments on ourselves, because we don’t live in a subsistence economy.

One Percenter problems.

Our reality is shaped by our experiences. We assume everybody lives the way we do.