Being in Flow - Taking the Path of Least Resistance

I just returned from a week’s stay in Hawaii, specifically to Princeville, Kauai where I lived for several years. It’s pretty much an annual trek for me like a migratory bird. I usually look forward to being over there (as one of the most beautiful places in the world, who wouldn’t right?). But this time I found myself restless, fidgety, out of sorts, and even eager to return home (which I did – a day early!). Unheard of to anyone who knows my history with this place and how much it’s meant to me for decades.

It wasn’t about Kauai itself of course; it’s that I’ve been deeply exhausted and in need of some true rest (physically) and restoration (spiritually). There are facets of my life and work that are in need of some reflection and adjustment, and I realized I’ve been resistant to making necessary changes. In other words, I was in resistance vs flow – and honestly, given this is a key facet in my working as a trusted advisor serving others, I know better. But I’m still human and can still fall prey if I’m not careful.
In metaphysics, the concepts of flow and resistance can be understood in terms of the energetic dynamics of the universe and our own unique individual experiences.

Check out my latest article on this topic for more…feedback welcome!

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I’ve been there before, myself (mentally, that is; I’ve never been to Kauai). This made me think of times when I am unable to ‘be in the moment’ because there is something else nagging me that remains unresolved. Instead, my attempt to ‘get away from it all’ is really just a way to avoid what it is that I haven’t reconciled and that is why I get fidgety and unable to ‘be in the moment’.

I have a habit of compartmentalizing things that I don’t really want to deal with right away and if they remain in limbo for too long it results in an unrooted feeling of anxiety that usually grabs my attention in strange dreams or unexplained inabilities to ‘be in the moment’. I’m becoming more attune to this as I age!


Better late than never D - great insights; happy to discuss further if you’d like.

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Sometimes it can be challenging to access peace of mind in our brains because of things we have to deal with in life and thinking about the future or the past. The best way for me personally is to find a calm spot in nature like a local park and sitting on the ground or laying down looking up at the sky doing some simple breathing and stretching, keeping in the back of my mind the mystery of creation you can feel the energy of the universe and truly be in the moment. A spiritual quote comes to mind after reading your article “Nothing to do, Nowhere to Go” Which I think translates to seeking withing yourself to find peace. I put a link to a summary of a book which I feel relates to this topic and you may enjoy :slight_smile:

Nothing To Do, Nowhere to go…Waking Up To Who You Are


Also here is a poem from that article I think you may like also!

Taking refuge in the Island of Self
Breathing in, I go back
To the island of myself.
There are beautiful trees
There is water, there are birds,
There is sunshine and fresh air.
Breathing out, I feel safe.


thank you Sean – I like this very much; it definitely resonates with me. I appreciate you sharing it. Happy Holidays to you!