Being in Flow - Taking the Path of Least Resistance

I just returned from a week’s stay in Hawaii, specifically to Princeville, Kauai where I lived for several years. It’s pretty much an annual trek for me like a migratory bird. I usually look forward to being over there (as one of the most beautiful places in the world, who wouldn’t right?). But this time I found myself restless, fidgety, out of sorts, and even eager to return home (which I did – a day early!). Unheard of to anyone who knows my history with this place and how much it’s meant to me for decades.

It wasn’t about Kauai itself of course; it’s that I’ve been deeply exhausted and in need of some true rest (physically) and restoration (spiritually). There are facets of my life and work that are in need of some reflection and adjustment, and I realized I’ve been resistant to making necessary changes. In other words, I was in resistance vs flow – and honestly, given this is a key facet in my working as a trusted advisor serving others, I know better. But I’m still human and can still fall prey if I’m not careful.
In metaphysics, the concepts of flow and resistance can be understood in terms of the energetic dynamics of the universe and our own unique individual experiences.

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