Bad by Design

Toby and David use the prompt format:

Char Modifier + Character + Complication + Crisis + Premise

Ne’er Do Well Social Pariah / Negotiator

Is this a lawyer? They undermine the arguments.
A hostage negotiator who always ends up getting taken hostage themselves. “Take me instead of them” and that’s what happens.
The negotiator who keeps making things worse. Encourages the other side to make things worse. Divorce Lawyers. Instead of encouraging both sides to talk it out, they encourage a competitive environment if it works in their best interest. If getting back together is the outcome, then the lawyer has failed in their job if the firm wants the more acrimonious outcome possible.

Origins of word Negotiator: business traffic, trafficker, trafficking of people, act as a banker, lack of leisure. A bit like a traffic cop.

Normally, a negotiator wouldn’t insert themselves into a problem but the Ne’er do well would. They lack boundaries.

A social justice warrior negotiator excuses the opposite side - society has made you.

Complication… “Picked a Fight”.

Negotiator is Dirty Harry, goes in and slaughters everybody, “problem solved”. An AR-15 is my preferred solution.

Instead of de-escalation and mollifying the sides, the negotiator picks fights - a catastrophist! - and makes situation worse. HELP organization sends in the bad negotiator on purpose (see beginning jam of video). Bad by Design.

China - India border conflict.

Arms dealer is the negotiator. If you really want to kill each other, I have a more efficient method.

Crisis… “National Emergency”.

US government deliberately stokes problems to push forward its agenda? This is the bad by design negotiator.

Nuclear disarmament team story.

Donald Trump is the bad negotiator. Art of the Deal (Art of the Steal). Put him into a situation and he’ll escalate it. He uses the approach of creating the crisis then pulling back from it and saying he solved it. He gives himself credit for achieving an outcome when it was himself who put everyone on the brink. North Korea.

Another of his strategies is to put forth a truly awful solution and then you come back with something bad but less terrible and people accept it because it’s an improvement on the truly awful. We’ll accept the half-bad scenario.

The ne’er do well negotiator does this to create the half-bad outcome - “You see, I did it!”

ITrump is the ne’er do well social pariah bad negotiator (and “money talks” still works!)

Let’s de-Trumpify… Premise… “Great love defies even death”.

Immolate ourselves in memory of… cause a nuclear holocaust but our memories will persist… they launch a space capsule with a catalog of human achievements as the world is blow up and they tell people not to worry there is a record of our achievements going out into space… the dear leader put their DNA into the capsule… “Have no fear, I have sent myself into the future”. The person who has caused the disaster is the sole survivor.

Great love could be patriotism. Sacrifice lives on.

Defy: renounce one’s allegiance; dare to meet in combat; repudiate a vow; renounce one’s faith; dare someone to do something;

Personality of the negotiator: scoff, dare. They might feel vengeful or reckless because of the death of someone close to them. They are a reckless negotiator.

“Please don’t send in the negotiator! All they’re going to do is escalate the situation!” This is because of the negotiator’s attitude - “great love defies even death!” They’ll go down in a blaze of glory. Cavalier in the face of death.