3x Picture Jams Test - "Forever Young"

The Dev Team tries using some pictures as prompts for cover art: Title, Tagline, Genre and Premise.

Plastic Surgery. 3D printed body parts. Slippery slope; once you start, you can’t stop. Print new bits and bobs on demand. Put on a new face before you go out (make up). I’m just going to print a new face before I head out.

[Audio goes funny]

Premise: “We sell our time to make enough money to buy it back”.

Time is money. Endless loop. Anti-skincare. Anti-aging essence. Get back your youthful look. Never grow old because you can keep printing new parts when you need them. No more saggy baggy; print a new you.

Title: Forever Young
Tagline: If you can think it, print it
Genre: Thriller?
Premise: We sell our time to make the money we need to buy it back

Genre? If it’s a horror, could be similar remake of Oscar Wilde novel, “Picture of Dorian Gray”.

Forever confused. Every time you see the same person, they look different.

Someone in the shower? The Other Side. Stalker. Someone is coming for you. Stranger Danger. That someone from the other side is you. First Contact. The “other” me.

Title: Stranger Danger
Tagline: Hello from the other side
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Premise: The ruts are deepest in the middle of the road

Premise - you should drive on the side. Middle is where all the problems happen. Stuck in two places at once. Inside / outside the dome. Different dimensions in time. Stuck looking for you. Is it my turn now? Can I come in, yet? Multiple personalities - it’s my turn now.

Finding a lizard in the cupboard. Goodbye Dolly Parton. Is there room for my friend? Imaginary friend. Travels around with her pet skeleton. This is how I take care of my relatives. It’s in the blood. Country music. You’ve got music in your bones. I feel it in my bones. It runs in my blood. “You picked fine time to leave me, Lucille”.

This could be an album cover…

Title: The Day the Music Died (and that’s not all)
Tagline: Sometimes it’s just hard to let go
Genre: Country Musical
Premise: Blood is thicker than water